“Any sufficiently advanced
      technology is indistinguishable from magic.”




Bluef1eld is a multi-disciplinary collective. We create interactive art installations.

We work at the intersection of art, technology, design and branding to produce interactive art installations that engage and inspire. Through this medium, we craft experiences that heighten awareness and bring people into the present moment.


Find yourself

lost in the moment.


What We Do

Bluef1eld enhances the hotel guest experience. By merging technology, art, design, and interactivity, we create moments of intrigue and delight, deepening a guest’s connection to that particular time and place and giving them a story to share with others. We offer two approaches to creating these experiences:

Curated Works

Bluef1eld works with the client to source an existing work appropriate for their space and expressive of their brand. We then work with the artist as project managers to facilitate the process. The artist ships the artwork, leads the installation, and provides technical support and guidance for the duration of the exhibit.

Custom Works

Bluef1eld engages with the client to create an artwork that serves as an immersive and interactive extension of their brand. Other considerations may include seasonal themes, unique attributes of the physical space or cultural/geographic conditions. From there a creative process with the artists is embarked on resulting in a proposal for the client. Once a concept has been decided on, Bluef1eld and the artists begin the design, programming and testing.

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“You wouldn’t believe what they had in the lobby of my hotel…


…the most remarkable thing I’ve seen in a long time.”



As an art form, interactive makes use of a language unlike any other and Bluef1eld works with a select set of partners fluent in this language. They are inspired by the endless possibilities and well-versed in the practical realities of bringing innovative and visionary projects to life.

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“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science.”